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Wednesday, 14 November 2018      

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Cadel Evans will win the Tour de France later today.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cadel Evans, is set to be the first Australian winner the Tour de France later today.

The last day of the Tour de France cycling race is traditionally a procession, so by being in the lead at the end of the penultimate day, Cadel has already pretty much guaranteed the position.

He came from behind in the final time trial, a 42.5km route around Grenoble. He overtook leader Andy Scleck to take the lead, making up a deficit of 57 seconds.

"I really can't quite believe it right now," he said afterwards. "I have been concentrating on one event for so long."

Already Australia – whose weary sports fans have been promised a day off by the prime minister, Julia Gillard – has gone into an overdrive of expectation.

It's not a moment too soon either, as Australia has suffered from a run of bad results and last weekend got beat at Rugby by Western Samoa. At home!

If Webber also converts his pole to a win I'm sure that'll soon be forgotten, as Australia celebrates two sporting victories. Those Aussies take their celebrating almost as serious as their sport, and the government has even promised a day off when he wins.