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Israel makes ready for war

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Benjamin Netanyahu has published an image implying an imminent pre-emptive strike against Iran in an attempt to prevent it obtaining Nuclear weapons. An act which would be farcical if it wasn't so deadly serious.

Iran has been pursuing the goal of Nuclear weapons ever since Israel acquired them in 1967. Each state is the declared enemy of the other.

In recent months it has become apparent that Iran has either made progress or is deliberately projecting the image of progress, as either a deterrent or for internal consumption. Israel has been upping pressure on the US to take action or at least to formally condone Israeli action, with clear indications that it intends to make a pre-emptive strike if it feels Iranian success is imminent. It seems that Israel feels that time has almost come, and it's an appalling prospect. Benjamin Netanyahu predicts that the second stage of Uranium enrichment required for the building of Nuclear Bombs is due by next spring, based upon the reports of the UN Atomic Agency. He has unambiguously made it clear that Israel will take action before that time.

The US has had hostile relations of the Islamic republic since it's inception, and the violation of the US embassies in the wake of the Iranian revolution. However despite this antagonism, the US has been unsuccessful in it's efforts to topple the regime despite taking action to remove hostile administrations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran, however, is a super power in the region, and war with it is a much more serious prospect than those aforementioned conflicts.

Iraq attacked Iran in one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts of the modern era, and lasted for 8 years before a lasting ceasefire was finally agreed after a disastrous offensive by Iraq. Very few countries then or now could sustain such a conflict.

However, it seems that Israel is deadly serious about mounting a strike against Iranian nuclear facilities and it seems unlikely that Iran will take such an attack without responding. Israel had previously bombed an Iraqi Nuclear facility in 1981, and is implicated in the recent assassination of a number of Iranian Nuclear experts.

The UN has Nuclear inspection teams constantly deployed in Iran, and it's unclear whether they would be explicitly warned of any imminent attack, although in the Iraqi attack, Israel claimed afterwards that it attacked on a a Sunday as they believed French workers would be absent from the site at that time.

Adding further concerns, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, stated a few days ago, that Iran may launch a pre-emptive attack on Israel should it become apparent that Israel is preparing for an attack.