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Saturday, 20 October 2018      

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Dozens Arrested in Paypal Hacking Inquiry

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dozens of suspected hackers have been arrested in crackdown on the Anonymous hacking group.

Twenty one, 21, people in the United States, Britain and the Netherlands have been arrested on suspicion of hacking companies and organizations.

The arrests were regarding the hacking attacks directed at PayPal in retaliation for it's decision to suspend the account of Wikileaks. An action which many saw as an attack on freedom of information and efforts to hold government's to account.

The FBI confirmed that they executed 35 search warrants in New York state and elsewhere in the US as part of an ongoing investigation.

They said 14 of those arrested were for the Denial Of Service attack on Paypal, A Denial Of Service attack is where massive numbers of computers flood a server with data until it overflows and legitimate users cannot gain access. It's a bit like shouting everyone else down.