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Saturday, 20 October 2018      

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Humble Pie

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

As Rupert Murdoch attends parliamentary committee to express his humble apologies for the conduct of his reporters, a loony Labour supporter assaults him with a custard pie.

The appearance was highly anticipated and the hearing room was packed.

Rupert Murdoch had just expressed, his personal feelings about the downfall of the News Of The World, and it seemed he was genuinely upset.

The final member of the panel was just beginning to speak when a look of horror spread across her face. On the TV camera you can hear a disturbance, and you see a flash of movement, and it's not at all clear what has happened when the tv footage cuts away.

Speculation is wild in the absence of information, but after ten minutes the hearing resumes, Mr Murdoch now missing his jacket, possibly a little shaken.

What was only partially visible on the camera is that a member of the public who had been quietly sitting in the audience, apparently dozing, who had ignored earlier protests in the chamber, suddenly got up, spayed some foam on a paper plate and attempted to pie Rupert Murdoch.

His efforts were prevented by the quick reaction of Mrs Murdoch, who was seated behind him. She jumped up and blocked the assailant's arm, and in the process smashing the plate and foam pie forcibly into the assailants face. Her ninja like skills have impressed around the world, and she certainly save Mr Murdoch, even if only from a foam pie.

The incident turned out to be a fairly harmless stunt, by idiot, Johnny Marbles. At the time, it seemed to be a serious assault or even an attempted wounding or worse. Quite rightly everyone was horrified, and the apparent protest nature of the attack does not lesson it's impact on the victim, and those around. As a consequence of the breach of security, the rest of the session was closed to the public.

Serious questions have to be asked about how this was allowed to happen. How can we expect people to turn up to such hearings if there is a very real possibility that someone might be allowed to attack them as they give evidence?